BlueRevenue : Bluechew Affiliate Program

4 Sep , 2019 Affiliate Program

BlueRevenue : Bluechew Affiliate Program

Join BlueRevenue and Make Money with BlueChew!

Today we’re going to be checking out BlueRevenue, the exciting new health affiliate program created by CrakRevenue. But before we jump into the review, let’s back up for a minute and lay out some important backstory. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, CrakRevenue is one of the biggest and most successful CPA Networks on the internet. They have already produced numerous affiliate programs for other many other lucrative markets. BlueRevenue, however, is their first crack at the health and service industry – and they’re going at it with everything they got!

BlueRevenue’s flagship product is the groundbreaking new E.D. medication known as BlueChew. Two important features make BlueChew specifically appealing to men with erectile dysfunction. First, the client can get an online prescription by a certified medical professional without ever having to leave his house, which means he never has to make a doctor’s appointment or talk to someone face-to-face about intimate sexual issues; second, BlueChew is delivered directly to his door in discreet packaging each month. It’s the fastest, most convenient and most discreet way for men to treat their ED symptoms through the web. And more importantly, it has been proven to work!

BlueChew comes in blue chewable tablets that are available with either 30 MG of Sildenafil or 6 MG of Tadalafil. If those names sound familiar, it’s because they are the active ingredients for Viagra and Cialis respectively. These tablets come inside discreet little black packages that you simply rip open, pop into your mouth and chew. It’s that easy! In addition, clients are able to receive online medical support from trained doctors with experience treating patients with erectile dysfunction. But the number one selling point, without a doubt, is that there’s no longer need to waste time in waiting rooms or making doctors’ appointments. BlueChew tablets are prescribed through the website and delivered straight to a patient’s door. Never has there been a more convenient and more discreet way for men to treat their ED symptoms, and at very competitive pricing, too.

How to Become a BlueRevenue Affiliate

If you want to start pushing BlueChew and making money with one of the hottest new health products in the ED market, we’re here to guide you through the process. Go to the BlueRevenue website and click on the Sign Up button. Then fill out the form with your first name, last name, email address and password. When you’re ready to create the account, click on the button labeled I’m In. Then head to your email address and click on the link in the confirmation email you should have received. Afterwards, in approximately 72 hours, you will be contacted by an affiliate manager who will help you get started.

The BlueRevenue dashboard is intuitive and practical, and its cool-colored blue, black and white design is easy on the eyes. On the right-hand side, you will find the name and photo of your affiliate manager, as well as his contact information (email and Skype). On the left, the menu with all the necessary options: Stats, Offers, Payment History and Profile. Currently, BlueChew is the only product available for promotion.

Affiliates can earn huge payouts in PPS with these incredible little tablets, which sell like hot cakes! For men with ED who hate visiting doctors – in other words, the large majority of guys – the offer is almost too good to refuse. Finally, real ED medication they can purchase online from the comfort of their homes. No making appointments, no sitting in waiting rooms, no paying for extra stuff they don’t need. BlueChew brings the solution to the patient. The way it should be.

CrakRevenue is said to be planning the launch of more quality health products through their health affiliate program, BlueRevenue. They intend to focus only on products proven efficient for end users and which have been thoroughly tested by their in-house Media Buying team. Don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the first affiliates to promote the online health industry’s hottest new ED product: BlueChew!

Join BlueRevenue – CrakRevenue’s Health Affiliate Program

There’s good news for affiliates searching for a health affiliate program worth their time. Rest easy, CrakRevenue has announced the launch of BlueRevenue – their first affiliate program focused solely on quality health products and services. But before we dive into the review, let’s talk a little bit about CrakRevenue, the masterminds behind this intriguing new program. Unless you are new to affiliate marketing, you probably already heard the name CrakRevenue. As one of the top CPA Networks in the world, their name holds high prestige in the web marketing community. BlueRevenue is their first attempt to break into the online health industry, and they are going at it with one of the hottest new ED products on the market: BlueChew!

BlueRevenue’s first and only product (for now) is the erectile dysfunction medication commercially known as BlueChew. What makes BlueChew special? Why are these little blue tablets making waves on the web? Well, several reasons. First, their appearance: they come wrapped inside tiny black packages. You simply rip one open, pop the tablet in your mouth, chew and swallow. Second, and more importantly, they are prescribed online by BlueChew’s certified medical professionals. This is a huge benefit for men with ED. No longer do they need to waste precious time and money on doctors’ appointments, sitting in waiting rooms or talking face-to-face with strangers about their intimate problems. Thankfully, all that stuff is history. The industry has evolved. Welcome to the future of healthcare!

How does BlueChew work?

After a client signs up and fills out his personal information, including medical history, he will be interviewed by a BlueChew licensed physician, who will determine whether the man shows signs of ED symptoms, and, if so, recommend the best treatment for his condition. BlueChew tablets are sold with either 30 MG of Sildenafil or 6 MG of Tadalafil. If these two names ring bells, it’s because they are the active ingredients found in Viagra and Cialis respectively. What men with ED will find most appealing, however, is how convenient and practical they are to purchase through the BlueChew website. No appointments, no waiting rooms, no needless expenses. For men with ED, it’s an offer too good to resist.

Take the First Step – Become a BlueRevenue Affiliate

If you want to join a promising health affiliate program, BlueRevenue is a solid choice. Next up, we will take you step-by-step through the registration process, making sure all of your questions get answered. The first thing you want to do is head to the BlueRevenue website and click on the Sign Up button. Then fill out the following form with the required information. When you have completed with the form, click on I’m In. Then go to your email account, open the email from BlueRevenue and click on the confirmation link to finish the process. In approximately 72 hours, you will be contacted by an affiliate manager who will help you get set up and start making money with BlueChew.

BlueRevenue Health Affiliate Program

By now, your account should be activated and you should be logged into the BlueRevenue affiliate program. Inside you will find a very simple yet practical dashboard that makes navigating the website a breeze. On the left, the menu with all the options: Stats, Offers, Payment History and Profile. For now, BlueChew is the only available offer. No worries, it’s exactly for this product that we signed up to the BlueRevenue affiliate program in the first place!

Promoting BlueChew ED tablets on your websites makes it easy to earn huge payouts with their amazing PPS programs. With a product this good, backed up by medical professionals who treat their clients online and write prescriptions directly through the website, it’s an offer that will appeal to many men. Buying prescription ED meds has never been this discreet, convenient and reliable.

It gets better. CrakRevenue is committed to launching additional health products through BlueRevenue in the near future. Knowing how CrakRevenue operates, we expect every product and offer to be carefully tested by their in-house Media Buying team. The online health industry is an ocean of making money opportunities for smart affiliates. Sign up to BlueRevenue and catch the next big whale!

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